Shimmerpp is intended to serve as a hub for developers interested in the Shimmer ecosystem. Its purpose is to create a community of C++ developers that use and trust the IOTA/Shimmer protocol.

The community is open to all experience levels of C++ and all types of contributions. It is intended to create discussion and fill the gaps of the interested user or developer when interacting with the Layer 1.

The idea

The idea around a Qt/C++ community in the Shimmer ecosystem comes from Eddy and was supported by a grant from the Tangle Community Treasury.


All kinds of contributions are welcome. From documenting code to creating the most advanced algorithm for doing PoW. New content showcasing applications, new ideas, etc are welcome in the blog.

The main guidelines when contributing are

  • Keep it simple.

  • Code once deploy everywhere.

  • Explain as much as you can.

  • Make sure to acknowledge your work, ideas.

Main Components

The different base components for interacting with the Shimmer Layer 1 are

High level Components


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